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F. A. Q.

Here's a few of the most commonly asked questions I've been asked over the years. There's a few links for full interviews that I've done as well. Thanks so much for reading!


An important notice regarding piracy:

Please don't download e-books (whether they are from a print or ebook author-doesn't matter) from piracy sites, forums, databases, message boards or other sites. Piracy is not about trading or lending books with your friends. It has little to do with printing a copy for your mom to read it. Essentially, that doesn't bother me, because the copies created are limited.

What is wrong are the multitude of sites where you click for a book and can get a single book or an entire collection for nothing more than the effort to search a title or a name. Don't do this. If you want to try any one of those authors, 99% of them will have excerpts or free reads of entire stories on their sites, so you can get a feel of their voice or style beforehand. There's also the library, or a used book store. I shop at those regularly. If a publisher is giving away a free read, I say have at it! Enjoy! Search legitimate distributors for more. Publishers frequently have free reads available. Piracy sites are illegal. Books are protected by copyright, even on-line. Please respect that right.

What's your favorite genre to read? 

One of my all time favorites is Paranormal, and it's no secret that I love Christine Feehan's Dark series. I love dragon stories too, so I'd have to say Fantasy too. But honestly, I like all kinds of stories. I prefer the HEA, unless it's assumed (i.e. described, promoted) it's not given, but don't call it a romance and then don't give me an HEA. grrrrr. I've also found I read in spurts. I'll read familiar books for the brain work escape. I'll read new authors for changes of voice and flairs of writing. I'll read favorite authors for inspiration. But any of those things can happen with any book I'm reading, which is what makes it all so fun.

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I'm a pure pantser. I write by the seat of my pants. I have tried to outline work and usually by the fourth chapter it's already a lost cause. I have discovered a writing program though that let's me gauge my progress and pace my scenes better. It can be used with or without an outline, but it's the scene pacing that I have found to be the most helpful, to stabilize chapter length.

I really enjoy the sit and write free-flowing thought process. Especially when I can get in the zone. The characters take me  on a wild journey and I'm just along for the ride.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That I enjoyed it as much as I did. And that I could let my imagination go and wander. I love finding out what my characters have coming up next!

Do you consider yourself to be an organized person, or do you like to have a healthy amount of chaos around you?

I'm organized. If I wasn't, I'd go nuts. A little insanity is about all I can take, but it rarely has to do with my writing.

Do you have a daily writing schedule that you stick to, or do you work as the spirit moves you?

Well, typically, I'm here from early morning until late at night. I do research, work I should be doing for my "day" job, working until about three in the afternoon. I do have to stop to take care of the family and cook and stuff like that, so it's not like an honest day of work. It's more like snatches of time to work. And the same is for the writing. 


Other important questions

What is an E-book?

An E-book is an electronically formatted book, which can be read either on your computer, a reading device such as a PDA or reader, or printed out. One of the most comprehensive explanations of an E-book can be found here, in Wikipedia. They can be found in a plethora of file formats and most can be converted for use on almost any reader.

What are some advantages to E-books?

One advantage is the length of the story can range from something very short, from a story for that ten to twenty minute wait at the doctor's office or while waiting for your child at school, to epic length stories. Another is the diversity. You can find EVERY genre written in E-book, from non-fiction (recipe books-never lose another recipe) to your most loved romance novels. From sweet, sweep you off your feet storylines to the hottest selling authors on the Best Sellers lists. Every print published author can now be found in E-book as well. Sites are constantly updating their products to provide you with the most current releases.

Another huge advantage is the cost. Some stories sell for a buck. That's right. A single dollar online. A vast majority sell in the five dollar range, almost half of its print on paper counterpart. Plus storage ceases to be an issue. A single disc can hold hundreds of E-books, of the same length of the print version. A normal memory card (approx. 64m) can hold an entire reading library of the same volume for any vacation. Try packing that in a suitcase.

What about the quality of the story?

This is a serious concern. The original E-book and reading system wasn't what it is today, but many remember it. Not everything found online today is XXX rated and many quality authors can be found online now with specialized publishing houses. If you think about all the books you've read, there have been a few duds. It comes with the territory, an ever-changing market and the needs of the reading public. E-books have one thing the printed forms don't have-freedom to write. The publishing market pushes for the reading populace, largely ignoring the niche markets or smaller venues where a story or author may be welcomed. This is a huge outlet for E-book authors. One good way to ensure your enjoyment of a story or an author is to check their website, see if they have quality excerpts, or a way to find out about their books. If they have reviews, read one or two. See if the feel of the story is something you'd be interested in reading. All it takes is one good story to find a new favorite author.

How safe is it to purchase online?

Online fraud and credit card theft are a constant concern for online businesses. If you have serious concerns, several publishers will provide their books through mail in forms. Read the order by mail forms carefully so you know how and when you will be receiving your purchases. If you have a credit card, nearly all publishers will take credit card payments via PayPal, in intermediary payment service. An account is not required if you chose to use your credit card. No information is saved for either PayPal or the publisher and it is encrypted, which means it's encoded for the banking system only. While no online service is ever one hundred percent secure, the shopping carts and payment systems used by these businesses, just like any major retailer, are rigorously tested and maintained. For more security, look for sites that are Tested Hacker Safe.

While these are only a few of the most often heard questions, I hope they answer a little bit about this evolving and growing form of reading. In many ways, it isn't any different than audio books, merely another way to enjoy stories we love, and finding authors who can feed our need to escape, relax, or fall in love again.







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